Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"So you wanna be in pictures..."

Kristy Representing!
Another great informal Saturday at City Sports and this time we had special guests. Apparently, word has been getting around town about our little club. Graduate student of Emerson College and reporter for WERS 88.9, Justine Frostad, was interested in filming a piece about sports/health and the benefits of group running. I don't think she really knew what she was getting herself into.

If we do any one thing right as a club; here's my top 5 list of why someone would want to interview us:

5-We are super awesome at being friendly and welcoming. That's two things, I know, but they go hand in hand like JP and Tree frolicking through the poppies.

4-Someone somewhere heard that there's something going on over at that City Sports over there and it started somewhere else in Cambridge and they eat after they do some kind of group exercise or something. This is what most of us are probably thinking.

3-Dave's mom is really hot. (Don't know Dave or his mom? Come on by this Saturday and ask Evan to enlighten you)

2-We potluck better than anyone I know.
Yum for real
and... THE NUMBER 1 REASON why someone would like to interview us is...

To get a glimpse of our totally cool pet Llama.

Paco the Informal Llama
So what do you think is totally awesome about running club? Drop a comment and join in on the fun!

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